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Ryan & Ryan, LLC has a long history of representing clients in residential closings, commercial transactions, and landlord tenant matters. The law firm’s founder, AJ Ryan, Jr., began his real estate practice in Dania Beach in 1955. Our law firm offers in-house title insurance services which provide clients with the benefits of a title company and the added security of our lawyers protecting their interests. Other real estate services include professional consultations, preparation of purchase and sale agreements, business agreements, promissory notes, mortgages and representation of both Plaintiffs and Defendants in foreclosure actions. Many of our clients routinely return to our real estate lawyers for representation for all their real estate matters. Our attorneys understand that every real estate transaction is unique, and prepare documents specifically tailored to each property and client’s requirements.



Legal claims for personal injury and property damage frequently arise from the fault of other persons. Anyone who negligently operates a motor vehicle may be required to pay damages to an injured victim. A personal injury case involving a vehicle accident may result in formal civil court proceedings or may be resolved through an informal settlement without a lawsuit.  Ryan & Ryan, LLC represents individuals injured in automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and slip and fall accidents. Every accident presents a unique set of facts, injuries and damages. Our attorneys pursue personal injury claims and maintain open communication with our clients. If you are injured due to someone’s fault, you may be entitled to recover damages from the negligent party's insurance company or through your own insurance company. It is important to act quickly after being involved in an accident, as any delay may reduce your compensation.


While estate planning is a topic that many wish to avoid, the careful planning for distribution of your property upon death is important. Estate planning enables you to arrange the smooth transition of assets after your death, shield your estate and heirs from taxes, and protect the continuous operation and ownership of a family business. Poor estate planning or the absence of an estate plan can be costly financially, and can lead to unnecessary strain among family members. Our firm understands the importance of protecting your family assets. We provide professional legal services for your estate planning needs, from drafting wills and creating trusts, to administering the probate of a loved one's estate. Under appropriate circumstances, revocable trusts, testamentary trusts and life insurance trusts can help your estate avoid the delay and expense of the probate process. Our attorneys also provide professional guidance in the preparation of living wills, health care directives, and other documents that fulfill your end-of-life healthcare intentions.


Ryan & Ryan, LLC’s litigation attorneys focus on representing individuals and businesses at both the trial and appellate level. In addition to civil trial work, our litigation attorneys handle arbitrations, alternative dispute resolutions, mediations, and administrative hearings.

We are committed to keeping you informed and engaged in the litigation process. Our litigation lawyers handle a broad range of disputes including insurance coverage and benefits, purchase and sale of land, construction claims, wills and trusts disputes, stockholder claims, property management disputes, debtor and creditor claims, and mortgage foreclosure disputes. The litigation lawyers at Ryan & Ryan will thoroughly examine the legal issues and facts of your case, and advise you of the implications and potential outcomes of civil litigation.


Our attorneys will skillfully guide you and your family through the probate administration process. Probate administration is a complex system that requires specialized skills and knowledge. When you have lost a loved one, navigating this complex system is likely to be the last thing you want to do, but it is important to resolve issues and distribute estate assets quickly. We provide experienced representation to our clients who are responsible for administering an estate. When you retain our law firm for probate administration matters, we handle all of the administrative details and work for a prompt resolution of all claims.

Our extensive experience handling probate administration matters coupled with our experience handling civil litigation matters allows us to effectively guide clients through challenging probate litigation matters. We represent clients contesting the validity of a will and we represent those who assert validity. We represent trustees accused of breaching fiduciary duties and beneficiaries who believe that a trust has been mishandled. We represent family members seeking guardianships for their loved ones, and individuals who wish to challenge the institution of a guardianship and maintain personal autonomy. Because we represent clients on all sides of probate litigation matters, we understand the strengths and weaknesses in any particular case. We work critically and strategically to protect our clients' interests.


Ryan & Ryan, LLC handles cases in many areas of family law, including divorce, paternity, parenting plans, children’s/child support issues, alimony, relocations, modifications, and enforcement matters. We recognize that each of these areas presents its own unique challenges to you and your family, and we also know that family law cases are not just a legal problem - each case involves a client who needs assistance in dealing with the way their family law case impacts their life. Family law cases can be an emotional and challenging process. We assist you with the changes occurring in your life with professionalism, integrity and compassion. We will assess your particular factual situation, your goals and objectives, and then work together to develop the best legal strategy to achieve your objectives. We also limit the number of cases that we accept at any one time. This way, each of our clients gets the attention they need and it insures that your case keeps moving along at the appropriate pace.

While the courts try to simplify family conflict resolution and negotiations, the laws are still complex and cases can be overwhelming. If you do not understand all of your rights in family law, particularly in cases involving children, the procedure will be daunting and you may unknowingly give up valuable rights. With most family law cases, the help of a qualified Florida family law attorney is essential in order to best protect your legal rights.

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