Family Law

Ryan & Ryan, LLC handles cases in many areas of family law, including divorce, paternity, parenting plans, children’s/child support issues, alimony, relocations, modifications, and enforcement matters. We recognize that each of these areas presents its own unique challenges to you and your family, and we also know that family law cases are not just a legal problem - each case involves a client who needs assistance in dealing with the way their family law case impacts their life. Family law cases can be an emotional and challenging process. We assist you with the changes occurring in your life with professionalism, integrity and compassion. We will assess your particular factual situation, your goals and objectives, and then work together to develop the best legal strategy to achieve your objectives. We also limit the number of cases that we accept at any one time. This way, each of our clients gets the attention they need and it insures that your case keeps moving along at the appropriate pace.

While the courts try to simplify family conflict resolution and negotiations, the laws are still complex and cases can be overwhelming. If you do not understand all of your rights in family law, particularly in cases involving children, the procedure will be daunting and you may unknowingly give up valuable rights. With most family law cases, the help of a qualified Florida family law attorney is essential in order to best protect your legal rights.